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Mother McAuley volleyball coach Jen DeJarld is, by her own admission, a risk-taker. In 2007, she made some radical changes during the season by bringing up some junior varsity players. They went on to help the Mighty Macs to the state finals. “I don’t know that we had much business being in the state finals,” DeJarld said. “I coached my butt off … ]]>
Mon, 12 Nov 2012 21:02:30 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16347208-393/girls-volleyball-coach-jen-dejarld-guides-mother-mcauley-to-another-standout-season.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16347208-393/girls-volleyball-coach-jen-dejarld-guides-mother-mcauley-to-another-standout-season.html
<![CDATA[ Girls Volleyball: Mallory Salis provides leadership, talent for Marist ]]>
It’s not easy making a varsity roster at Marist, especially as a freshman. Mallory Salis said she was surprised enough when she showed up in summer 2009 and was told to report to the junior varsity. She was something more than surprised when, halfway through the season she was brought up to the varsity. “I’ve got to be honest,” she said. “I … ]]>
Mon, 12 Nov 2012 20:20:45 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16346433-393/girls-volleyball-mallory-salis-provides-leadership-talent-for-marist.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16346433-393/girls-volleyball-mallory-salis-provides-leadership-talent-for-marist.html
<![CDATA[ Girls Volleyball: Injured Morgan Reardon’s true grit admirable against St. Francis ]]>
Joliet Catholic’s Morgan Reardon could not believe it was happening. Minutes before the biggest match of her high school career, her body was failing her. Warming up for the Glenbard South Sectional final against St. Francis, Reardon went through the warmup line, smashed a set from Mallory Mangun and landed awkwardly on her left ankle. Something wasn’t right. “I was thinking ‘How … ]]>
Mon, 12 Nov 2012 19:47:11 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16346192-393/girls-volleyball-injured-morgan-reardons-true-grit-admirable-against-st.-francis http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16346192-393/girls-volleyball-injured-morgan-reardons-true-grit-admirable-against-st.-francis
<![CDATA[ Girls Volleyball: Mother McAuley downs Libertyville, takes third in Class 4A ]]>
It’s a process recovering when opportunity knocks and you don’t answer the door. Mother McAuley did a pretty good job of processing after losing to New Trier in Friday night’s Class 4A semifinal. “Their hearts were broken last night. We felt sorry for ourselves last night, slept on it, had a good practice this morning and we were ready to go,” coach … ]]>
Sat, 10 Nov 2012 21:41:06 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16307783-390/girls-volleyball-mother-mcauley-downs-libertyville-takes-third-in-class-4a.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16307783-390/girls-volleyball-mother-mcauley-downs-libertyville-takes-third-in-class-4a.html
<![CDATA[ Girls Volleyball: Maddie, Molly Haggerty shine in St Francis 3A title win ]]>
NORMAL – As long as there’s a Haggerty in the house, St. Francis coach Peg Kopec stands a pretty good chance of passing Mother McAuley’s Nancy Pedersen for the most state titles by a coach. Freshman Molly Haggerty had 12 kills, junior Maddie Haggerty added seven kills and McKenna Kelsay orchestrated the Spartans’ offense with 27 assists as St. Francis defeated Richmond-Burton … ]]>
Sat, 10 Nov 2012 20:02:00 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16305730-393/girls-volleyball-maddie-molly-haggerty-shine-in-st-francis-3a-title-win.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16305730-393/girls-volleyball-maddie-molly-haggerty-shine-in-st-francis-3a-title-win.html
<![CDATA[ Girls Volleyball: Benet overcomes slow start, advances to state final ]]>
Up a game and leading 15-10 in the second, Libertyville appeared to have No. 1-ranked Benet on the ropes. But appearances can be deceiving. Benet went on a 9-0 run to take a 19-15 lead and earn the second game, then used a 10-1 run in Game 3 to build an 18-7 lead on its way to a 20-25, 25-21, 25-13 victory … ]]>
Fri, 09 Nov 2012 23:30:23 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16289166-394/girls-volleyball-benet-overcomes-slow-start-advances-to-state-final.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16289166-394/girls-volleyball-benet-overcomes-slow-start-advances-to-state-final.html
<![CDATA[ ]]> … ]]> Sat, 10 Nov 2012 19:36:00 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16305669-393/story.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16305669-393/story.html <![CDATA[ Girls Volleyball: Ali Frantti rallies Richmond-Burton past Jacksonville in Class 3A ]]>
Normal, Ill. — Richmond-Burton had a little luck, and just too much Ali Frantti for Jacksonville. The Penn State recruit had 22 kills and Richmond-Burton fought off two match points in Game 2 as the Rockets defeated Jacksonville 19-25, 27-25, 25-22 in a Class 3A state semifinal at Redbird Arena on Friday. Richmond-Burton (37-4) trailed 24-22 in Game 2 when a kill … ]]>
Fri, 09 Nov 2012 20:25:42 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16283217-393/girls-volleyball-ali-frantti-rallies-richmond-burton-past-jacksonville-in-class-3a.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16283217-393/girls-volleyball-ali-frantti-rallies-richmond-burton-past-jacksonville-in-class-3a.html
<![CDATA[ Girls Volleyball: New Trier lays Mother McAuley to rest, proceeds to title match ]]>
NORMAL – The winds of change weren’t very subtle when they blew into Redbird Arena at the start of Set 2 in the Class 4A semifinal match Friday between Mother McAuley and New Trier. New Trier, a team back on its heels and not following its master plan, took the Mighty Macs by storm. “We didn’t come out the way we wanted … ]]>
Sat, 10 Nov 2012 16:47:36 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16288517-393/girls-volleyball-new-trier-lays-mother-mcauley-to-rest-proceeds-to-title-match.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16288517-393/girls-volleyball-new-trier-lays-mother-mcauley-to-rest-proceeds-to-title-match.html
<![CDATA[ Girls Volleyball: Haggerty sisters help St Francis edge Centennial in 3A semifinal ]]>
Normal, Ill. — Maddie Haggerty knows a little bit about winning state titles. Little sister Molly? Not so much. But she’s learning fast. Maddie Haggerty had 13 kills, Molly Haggerty added 11 kills and McKenna Kelsay had 37 assists to give St. Francis a 21-25, 25-20, 26-24 win over Centennial in a Class 3A state semifinal at Redbird Arena on Friday. St. … ]]>
Fri, 09 Nov 2012 20:11:53 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16282052-393/girls-volleyball-haggerty-sisters-help-st-francis-edge-centennial-in-3a-semifinal.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16282052-393/girls-volleyball-haggerty-sisters-help-st-francis-edge-centennial-in-3a-semifinal.html
<![CDATA[ Girls Volleyball: West Aurora’s Lauren Carlini is the total package ]]>
Individual accolades are nice, and there have been many during Lauren Carlini’s career. She was named the nation’s top college recruit in 2012, according to a survey of college coaches released by Prepvolleyball.com. She is the favorite to win the Illinois Gatorade Player of the Year award and is a contender for national honors. Conference MVP. Tournament MVP. There aren’t many honors … ]]>
Sat, 10 Nov 2012 16:40:42 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16282214-393/girls-volleyball-west-auroras-lauren-carlini-is-the-total-package.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16282214-393/girls-volleyball-west-auroras-lauren-carlini-is-the-total-package.html
<![CDATA[ Girls Volleyball: All-Area teams ]]> Sun-Times 2012 Girls All-Area Volleyball Teams First Team Alyssa Baznik, 5-10, Sr., S/OH, Naperville Central Jessica Brezwyn, 5-9, Sr., OH, Hinsdale South Lauren Carlini, 6-2, Sr., OH/S, West Aurora Jill Conrad, 5-11, Sr., RS/S, Stagg Sheila Doyle, 5-5, Sr., L, Benet Dakota Hampton, 6-1, Sr., OH, Sandburg Hannah Kaminsky, 5-11, Sr., S, Benet Emily Milligan, 5-6, Sr., L, Nazareth Morgan Reardon, 6-0, … ]]> Fri, 09 Nov 2012 19:17:58 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16282042-393/girls-volleyball-all-area-teams.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16282042-393/girls-volleyball-all-area-teams.html <![CDATA[ Girls Volleyball: All-Area team as talented as ever ]]>
The Chicago Sun-Times 2012 Girls All-Area Volleyball team proves that year after year, some of the best talent in the nation can be found in Illinois. The team features West Aurora setter Lauren Carlini, named the No. 1 college recruit in the country by Prepvolleyball.com, and Marist’s Mallory Salis, the MVP of the 64-team NIKE Tournament of Champions in Phoenix, Ariz. The … ]]>
Fri, 09 Nov 2012 20:24:16 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16281790-401/girls-volleyball-all-area-team-as-talented-as-ever.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16281790-401/girls-volleyball-all-area-team-as-talented-as-ever.html
<![CDATA[ Girls Volleyball: Harvest Christian falls short of state semis again ]]>
To Harvest Christian’s credit, there was no whining. There could have been some, because losing to a team that has a key 6-foot-3 player allowed by the IHSA to start her season competing at the sectional level after transfering to a private school from a public school always invites plenty of questions. But after Harvest Christian suffered a season-ending 18-25, 25-19, 25-18 … ]]>
Mon, 05 Nov 2012 21:10:45 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16181934-401/girls-volleyball-harvest-christian-falls-short-of-state-semis-again.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16181934-401/girls-volleyball-harvest-christian-falls-short-of-state-semis-again.html
<![CDATA[ Girls Volleyball: Q-and-A with Lincoln-Way East’s Marissa De Groot ]]>
Volleyball or basketball? Which one is your favorite? I like both for very different reasons, and that’s why I kept playing. With volleyball, I love the energy and the momentum. With basketball, it’s super-aggressive, and I love the hustle. Do you have a favorite moment from volleyball season? Winning the McAuley Preview was phenomenal. That was a huge tournament for us and … ]]>
Mon, 05 Nov 2012 20:51:12 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16181552-393/girls-volleyball-q-and-a-with-lincoln-way-easts-marissa-de-groot.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/sports/girlsvolleyball/16181552-393/girls-volleyball-q-and-a-with-lincoln-way-easts-marissa-de-groot.html