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Hoops for Healing. It’s so much more than a Thanksgiving basketball tournament, albeit a very good one. “One team will be 4-0 when it’s over, others will be 3-1, 2-2, 1-3 or 0-4, but every kid is a winner. As coaches you send the right message,” Naperville North Athletic Director Doug Smith said Wednesday night at Edward Cancer Center as he kicked … ]]>
Thu, 25 Oct 2012 10:55:01 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/15950242-393/boys-basketball-rick-armstrongs-basketball-notebook.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/15950242-393/boys-basketball-rick-armstrongs-basketball-notebook.html
<![CDATA[ Boys Basketball: Kenny Obendorf leads a solid Waubonsie Valley squad ]]> Four years ago, in the fall of 2008, they collectively entered the halls of Waubonsie Valley High School as freshmen, seemingly ready to begin contributing to the Warriors’ strong legacy on the basketball court, which includes winning 13 regional titles and a sectional title in 1990-91. But instead of comprising part of Waubonsie Valley’s Class of 2012 and perhaps joining forces with … ]]> Thu, 15 Mar 2012 19:42:25 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/11326467-393/boys-basketball-kenny-obendorf-leads-a-solid-waubonsie-valley-squad.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/11326467-393/boys-basketball-kenny-obendorf-leads-a-solid-waubonsie-valley-squad.html <![CDATA[ Boys Basketball: Hinsdale Central holds off Waubonsie Valley fury ]]> Despite a game-high 30 points from Waubonsie Valley’s Jared Brownridge, Hinsdale Central burst past the Warriors for a 66-55 victory Wednesday night in the Class 4A Downers Grove South Regional semifinal. What a difference a year makes. Hinsdale Central lost in the Class 4A regional quarterfinals last season to finish with only five victories on the season. On Wednesday night, the Devils … ]]> Wed, 29 Feb 2012 23:05:44 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10973767-393/boys-basketball-hinsdale-central-holds-off-waubonsie-valley-fury.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10973767-393/boys-basketball-hinsdale-central-holds-off-waubonsie-valley-fury.html <![CDATA[ Boys Basketball: Waubonsie Valley takes down St Charles North ]]>
Waubonsie Valley and St. Charles North met in a postseason tuneup on Thursday in an Upstate Eight Crossover matchup at St. Charles North. The Warriors proved to be too much for the North Stars as Waubonsie Valley went on for a 64-54 victory. The Warriors (18-8) got off to a quick start against St. Charles North (13-15). Waubonsie Valley held a double … ]]>
Fri, 24 Feb 2012 00:28:32 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10841731-393/boys-basketball-waubonsie-valley-takes-down-st-charles-north.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10841731-393/boys-basketball-waubonsie-valley-takes-down-st-charles-north.html
<![CDATA[ Boys Basketball: Waubonsie Valley goes inside to defeat East Aurora ]]>
Waubonsie Valley’s offensive play cut through East Aurora’s defense with precision on Friday, and the Warriors easily defeated the Tomcats 70-42. Waubonsie’s offense was so efficient that no Warrior basket was scored from more than eight feet until Jared Brownridge (12 points) scored a 3-pointer near the end of the third quarter. Bryan Jefferson (11 points), Waubonsie’s tallest player at 6-feet-6, was … ]]>
Sat, 18 Feb 2012 00:02:57 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10719865-393/boys-basketball-waubonsie-valley-goes-inside-to-defeat-east-aurora.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10719865-393/boys-basketball-waubonsie-valley-goes-inside-to-defeat-east-aurora.html
<![CDATA[ Boys Basketball: Metea Valley captures Upstate Eight Valley title ]]>
Metea Valley appeared to be in danger of letting another one slip away, but not this time. Getting a second-half spark from senior guard Ryan Solomon and junior center Shiv Desai, the No. 13 Mustangs bounced back from back-to-back losses to claim a 62-58 win Saturday over district rival Waubonsie Valley. “That’s just too good a team to lose three in a … ]]>
Sun, 12 Feb 2012 01:23:12 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10590704-393/boys-basketball-metea-valley-captures-upstate-eight-valley-title.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10590704-393/boys-basketball-metea-valley-captures-upstate-eight-valley-title.html
<![CDATA[ Boys Basketball: Waubonsie Valley finishes off Bartlett ]]> Host Waubonsie Valley overcame a sluggish start to Wednesday’s Upstate Eight Valley game against Bartlett en route to an eventual 52-40 win. The Hawks led 10-3 midway through the first quarter when the Warriors hit their stride, finishing the period ahead 13-10 courtesy of a 10-0 run. Bartlett coach Jim Wolfsmith called a timeout with his team holding a 10-9 lead but … ]]> Wed, 08 Feb 2012 22:59:46 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10524848-393/boys-basketball-waubonsie-valley-finishes-off-bartlett.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10524848-393/boys-basketball-waubonsie-valley-finishes-off-bartlett.html <![CDATA[ Boys Basketball: Waubonsie Valley coasts past South Elgin ]]>
Jared Brownridge and his Waubonsie Valley teammates on Thursday very quickly put Tuesday’s loss to Neuqua Valley in the rear view mirror, and just as quickly did the same to South Elgin. There was no hangover effect from a tough loss as Brownridge shredded South Elgin for 26 points and the Warriors shot 69 percent from the field in a 59-44 Upstate … ]]>
Thu, 26 Jan 2012 21:56:00 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10261178-393/boys-basketball-waubonsie-valley-coasts-past-south-elgin.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10261178-393/boys-basketball-waubonsie-valley-coasts-past-south-elgin.html
<![CDATA[ Boys Basketball: Emerging big men to meet at East Aurora ]]>
Keep an eye on the men in the middle Saturday in the intriguing local matchup between Oswego East and Waubonsie Valley in the second game of the 2nd annual Ernie Kivisto Hoopfest tripleheader at East Aurora. Emerging big men, 6-foot-4 Kalmon Stokes of Oswego East and 6-6 junior Bryan Jefferson of Waubonsie Valley, each had big games for their respective teams Tuesday … ]]>
Wed, 29 Feb 2012 22:22:29 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10259638-393/boys-basketball-emerging-big-men-to-meet-at-east-aurora.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10259638-393/boys-basketball-emerging-big-men-to-meet-at-east-aurora.html
<![CDATA[ Boys Basketball: Neuqua Valley holds off Waubonsie Valley on late layup ]]>
Time was on Neuqua Valley’s side Tuesday and Jabari Sandifer made the most of it. The junior guard went coast-to-coast in the final 14 seconds, sinking a driving layup with six seconds remaining that proved to be the game-winner in the Wildcats’ 50-48 upset of host Waubonsie Valley in another tense Upstate Eight Valley game. “There wasn’t enough time left so I … ]]>
Wed, 09 May 2012 10:12:19 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10217725-393/boys-basketball-neuqua-valley-holds-off-waubonsie-valley-on-late-layup.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10217725-393/boys-basketball-neuqua-valley-holds-off-waubonsie-valley-on-late-layup.html
<![CDATA[ Boys basketball: Gray sparks Waubonsie Valley in rout of Lincoln-Way East ]]>
After a sluggish start to Saturday’s nonconference game against Lincoln-Way East, Waubonsie Valley’s boys basketball team needed a spark. Senior Demetrius Gray provided just what the Warriors needed. Waubonsie found itself tied with the Griffins early in the second quarter before Gray’s defense forced the action. A lay-up after his steal followed by a rebound putback ignited a 13-2 run that blew … ]]>
Sat, 21 Jan 2012 23:27:22 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10160815-393/boys-basketball-gray-sparks-waubonsie-valley-in-rout-of-lincoln-way-east.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10160815-393/boys-basketball-gray-sparks-waubonsie-valley-in-rout-of-lincoln-way-east.html
<![CDATA[ Boys Basketball: Plainfield South’s fourth-quarter burst downs Waubonsie Valley ]]>
As Tuesday’s nonconference tilt between Plainfield South and Waubonsie Valley wound its way towards halftime, it became clear the first team that found its mojo offensively would end up walking away with the game. Two quarters later, that would be Plainfield South, which put up 44 points in the second half — including 32 in the fourth quarter — to roll to … ]]>
Wed, 09 May 2012 10:11:26 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10075447-393/boys-basketball-plainfield-souths-fourth-quarter-burst-downs-waubonsie-valley.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10075447-393/boys-basketball-plainfield-souths-fourth-quarter-burst-downs-waubonsie-valley.html
<![CDATA[ Boys Basketball: Waubonsie Valley pulls away from East Aurora ]]>
Waubonsie Valley and East Aurora appeared to catch each other at the worst possible time on Saturday night. Both teams were coming off big wins on Wednesday, the Warriors handing 14-win Metea Valley its first loss of the season and the Tomcats getting only their second win of the season and first in conference against Neuqua Valley. The Warriors opened the second … ]]>
Sat, 14 Jan 2012 21:04:00 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10018987-393/boys-basketball-waubonsie-valley-pulls-away-from-east-aurora.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/10018987-393/boys-basketball-waubonsie-valley-pulls-away-from-east-aurora.html
<![CDATA[ Boys Basketball: Metea Valley meets Waubonsie Valley in key UEC matchup ]]>
Learning how to win and knowing how to win are two different traits. Metea Valley has been receiving a crash course in that topic during its first 14 games — all victories. With a pair of tournament titles and a second consecutive victory over one of its District 204 rivals — Neuqua Valley — already in the rearview mirror, the attention of … ]]>
Tue, 10 Jan 2012 21:17:25 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/9938229-393/boys-basketball-metea-valley-meets-waubonsie-valley-in-key-uec-matchup.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/9938229-393/boys-basketball-metea-valley-meets-waubonsie-valley-in-key-uec-matchup.html
<![CDATA[ Boys Basketball: Waubonsie Valley survives at Bartlett ]]> The big points at crunch time Saturday came from reserves Jack Cordes and Josh DeHaan, but it didn’t matter to Waubonsie Valley coach Steve Weemer. His Warriors survived a tight Upstate Eight Valley game at Bartlett with a 45-40 victory and now own a four-game winning streak. “To be honest, I’m happy to get out of here with a win,” Weemer said. … ]]> Sat, 07 Jan 2012 23:46:00 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/9883854-393/boys-basketball-waubonsie-valley-survives-at-bartlett.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/waubonsievalley/boys_basketball/9883854-393/boys-basketball-waubonsie-valley-survives-at-bartlett.html