High School Sports - Chicago Sun-Times http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com Latest news from the Chicago Sun-Times - High School Sports en-us webmaster@suntimes.com (Editor) Newspapers http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/csp/cms/sites/YourSeason/assets/img/logo.gif Chicago Sun-Times http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com 84 34 30 Copyright 2015 <![CDATA[ Baseball: Glenbrook South snaps Maine South’s 18-game win streak ]]> Josiah Carlson came into Thursday’s game with no room for error. With the Titans looking to preserve their three-run lead, the Glenbrook South senior inherited the bases loaded with two outs from starter Sully Stadler in the top of the sixth inning. Carlson calmly got a ground ball to end the inning. The right-hander then pitched a scoreless seventh to help Glenbrook … ]]> Thu, 10 May 2012 20:47:37 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/12457551-393/baseball-glenbrook-south-snaps-maine-souths-18-game-win-streak.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/12457551-393/baseball-glenbrook-south-snaps-maine-souths-18-game-win-streak.html <![CDATA[ Baseball: Glenbrook South’s Sam Koloms stymies Niles West ]]> Glenbrook South junior Sam Koloms doesn’t possess the biggest, most deceptive curveball in the Central Suburban League, yet he’s been one of the conference’s most effective pitchers this season. His command and ability to throw two pitches for strikes in any count are the primary reasons for this year’s success, and both of Koloms’ strengths were on full display in Glenbrook South’s … ]]> Tue, 01 May 2012 21:54:00 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/12261120-393/baseball-glenbrook-souths-sam-koloms-stymies-niles-west.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/12261120-393/baseball-glenbrook-souths-sam-koloms-stymies-niles-west.html <![CDATA[ Baseball: Glenbrook South’s seldom-used Selby shows his ability ]]>
Sam Selby showed what kind of player he can be for Glenbrook South last week by belting two run-scoring singles in the Titans’ 2-0 win over New Trier. But that was only the junior’s second start of the season. Why? For the most part, Zach Jones, the Northwestern-bound first baseman. “Sam’s a pretty good player, a guy who improved a lot over … ]]>
Tue, 24 Apr 2012 21:03:57 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/12116680-393/baseball-glenbrook-souths-seldom-used-selby-shows-his-ability.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/12116680-393/baseball-glenbrook-souths-seldom-used-selby-shows-his-ability.html
<![CDATA[ Baseball: Glenbrook South’s Sam Selby, Sully Stadler sink New Trier ]]> Sam Selby felt confident enough about his game to ask for more playing time. Glenbrook South coach Bob Rosinski obliged, and the junior made his first start last weekend. After sitting out Tuesday in the series opener against New Trier, Selby was back in the lineup Thursday. The left-handed designated hitter made Rosinski look good by going 2-for-3 with two RBI in … ]]> Thu, 19 Apr 2012 20:14:28 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/12014862-393/baseball-glenbrook-souths-sam-selby-sully-stadler-sink-new-trier.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/12014862-393/baseball-glenbrook-souths-sam-selby-sully-stadler-sink-new-trier.html <![CDATA[ Baseball: Glenbrook South’s Sully Stadler to join brother on field at Indiana ]]>
It’s safe to say Sully Stadler will feel at home in Bloomington next season. The Glenbrook South senior will play baseball for Indiana, the same school both of his parents attended, and where his brother, Walker, now studies. For the first time, the Stadler brothers will play on the same team. “I’m really looking forward to that,” said Walker, a redshirt sophomore … ]]>
Tue, 10 Apr 2012 19:20:05 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/11828994-393/baseball-glenbrook-souths-sully-stadler-to-join-brother-on-field-at-indiana.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/11828994-393/baseball-glenbrook-souths-sully-stadler-to-join-brother-on-field-at-indiana.html
<![CDATA[ Baseball: Sully Stadler throws perfect game ]]> It was impossible to tell how Sully Stadler pitched by looking at him after Wednesday’s game. A look at the score indicated the Glenbrook South senior starter did the job. A look inside the box score revealed the 6-3 left-hander threw one of the best games of his three-year varsity career. The Indiana-bound Stadler pitched a perfect game over five innings to … ]]> Wed, 04 Apr 2012 19:23:14 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/11721324-393/baseball-sully-stadler-throws-perfect-game.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/11721324-393/baseball-sully-stadler-throws-perfect-game.html <![CDATA[ Baseball: Koloms enters Glenbrook South starting rotation conversation ]]>
Glenbrook South entered the season in an enviable position. The Titans possessed one of the best collections of arms in the area, if not the state. The staff is so deep Sam Koloms didn’t even make his first start of the season until Saturday. The veteran struck out 15 in seven innings as the Titans blanked Wheaton North 5-0. “He looked unbelievable,” … ]]>
Tue, 03 Apr 2012 20:42:55 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/11702294-393/baseball-koloms-enters-glenbrook-south-starting-rotation-conversation.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/11702294-393/baseball-koloms-enters-glenbrook-south-starting-rotation-conversation.html
<![CDATA[ Baseball: Joe McKune shines as Oak Park topples Glenbrook South ]]> In an early-season matchup between top 20 teams, No. 11 Oak Park-River Forest opened its season in impressive fashion by defeating No. 9 Glenbrook South 6-0 in a nonconference game Wednesday in Glenview. The perennially tough Huskies, who were playing without their standout catcher, Purdue-bound Jack Picchiotti, received a stellar pitching performance by starting pitcher Joe McKune, and three Oak Park pitchers … ]]> Wed, 21 Mar 2012 20:35:08 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/11453005-393/baseball-joe-mckune-shines-as-oak-park-topples-glenbrook-south.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/11453005-393/baseball-joe-mckune-shines-as-oak-park-topples-glenbrook-south.html <![CDATA[ Spartans edge Titans, avenge earlier loss ]]> Brett Synek’s good friends with Mike Reinisch, and that’s why the Glenbrook North’s shortstop’s 6-4-3 double play to end Thursday’s game tasted especially sweet. The Spartans got revenge from an earlier loss to Glenbrook South with the 4-3 victory in the CSL’s unofficial championship in Northbrook. The Titans beat the Spartans 5-2 on May 2, and both teams ended league play 14-2 … ]]> Thu, 19 May 2011 20:25:34 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/5480339-393/spartans-edge-titans-avenge-earlier-loss.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/5480339-393/spartans-edge-titans-avenge-earlier-loss.html <![CDATA[ Glenbrook South tops Niles West ]]> Glenbrook South 9, Niles West 1: Mike Reinisch went 2-for-2 with two runs and winning pitcher Sully Stadler allowed three hits and fanned five in a complete-game effort. … ]]> Wed, 11 May 2011 18:06:01 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/5325963-393/glenbrook-south-tops-niles-west.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/5325963-393/glenbrook-south-tops-niles-west.html <![CDATA[ Harrison tosses gem for Glenbrook South ]]> Glenbrook South right-hander Luke Harrison said in years past his arm would’ve been gassed by the seventh inning. But this season, he’s found that extra gear in the later innings, which was clearly evident Friday in leading Glenbrook South to a 5-2 victory over Central Suburban South rival New Trier at Community Park West in Glenview. The 6-foot-3, 195-pound unsigned senior limited … ]]> Fri, 29 Apr 2011 20:45:43 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/5100460-393/harrison-tosses-gem-for-glenbrook-south.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/5100460-393/harrison-tosses-gem-for-glenbrook-south.html <![CDATA[ Glenbrook South edges Maine West ]]> Glenbrook South 6, Maine West 5: Glenbrook South (10-3, 2-0 Central Suburban South) earned the win behind Sully Stadler (2-1), who struck out 10 in 6 1/3 innings. … ]]> Fri, 22 Apr 2011 14:08:01 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/4969214-393/glenbrook-south-edges-maine-west.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/4969214-393/glenbrook-south-edges-maine-west.html <![CDATA[ Glenbrook South tops Rolling Meadows ]]> Glenbrook South 3, Rolling Meadows 2: Josiah Carlson pitched a complete game with eight strike outs for Glenbrook South (5-1). Cody Libman was 1-for-3 with two RBI. … ]]> Thu, 07 Apr 2011 16:04:01 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/4696700-393/glenbrook-south-tops-rolling-meadows.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/4696700-393/glenbrook-south-tops-rolling-meadows.html <![CDATA[ Glenbrook South tops Barrington ]]> Glenbrook South 10, Barrington 3: Luke Harrison (1-0) surrendered one run on three hits while striking out five with one walk to earn the win for Glenbrook South (3-0). Josiah Carlson had two RBI on two hits. … ]]> Tue, 05 Apr 2011 14:16:02 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/4627058-393/glenbrook-south-tops-barrington.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/4627058-393/glenbrook-south-tops-barrington.html <![CDATA[ Libman signs with Northwestern ]]> Cody Libman became the latest member of the Glenview connection headed to play baseball at Northwestern in 2012. Glenbrook South's senior catcher signed with the Wildcats earlier this month and will become the third Titans player to join the Big Ten team after graduation. Northwestern, which is coached by Glenview resident Paul Stevens, already has Stevens' two sons, Trevor and Cody, on … ]]> Tue, 22 Mar 2011 17:00:02 CST http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/4452236-393/libman-signs-with-northwestern.html http://highschoolsports.suntimes.com/schools/glenbrooksouth/baseball/4452236-393/libman-signs-with-northwestern.html